Washington, Oregon Secretaries Of State React To Trump Voter Fraud Investigation

Jan 25, 2017

President Donald Trump wants a “major investigation” into voter fraud during the 2016 election. But Washington Republican Secretary of State Kim Wyman said Wednesday that she’s seen no evidence of illegal voting.

In a statement, Wyman said she takes “any allegations of voter fraud seriously” and is eager to review evidence the president or his investigation might uncover. But Wyman said at this point she’s confident Washington’s voting system is secure and says “there is no evidence that illegal voting took place anywhere in our state during the 2016 election.”

During the election last fall Wyman raised concerns about the fact that Washington does not require proof of citizenship to vote and called for a change to the law. But Wyman said in her statement there are other safeguards in place to prevent illegal voting.

Oregon’s newly elected Republican Secretary of State is Dennis Richardson. He tweeted earlier today that his office is “willing to review evidence of voter fraud” but added “our experts report extreme integrity of registration, voting.”