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The window of opportunity to prevent grave ecological damage to our oceans from climate change is closing. That's according to a paper appearing Friday in the journal Science.

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Oregonians could buy recreational marijuana from stores starting in October under a measure approved Thursday by the Oregon House.

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Idaho law enforcement say they’ve been finding more marijuana in vehicles coming from states with looser pot laws.

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The family of Antonio Zambrano-Montes -- and the Tri-Cities -- are grappling with fresh details of his death.

Oregon Senate Approves Tuition Waiver Program

Jul 2, 2015
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Oregon students could soon have an easier time paying for community college. The state Senate passed a bill Thursday that would waive tuition for some high school graduates.

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Billionaire Paul Allen wants wildlife traffickers to feel a bit more pain. Professional initiative sponsor Tim Eyman wants state lawmakers to feel a bit of pain too.

Oregon House Passes Bill To Boost Speed Limits

Jul 2, 2015
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Speed limits throughout eastern Oregon could increase under a bill moving through the state Legislature.

Olivia Weitz

People who knew Antonio Zambrano-Montes said he had been sad and depressed in the months before his death in Pasco, Washington. He was shot in February by police after witnesses say he had been throwing rocks at a busy intersection.

The Franklin County prosecutor has not announced a decision about whether officers would be charged in his death, but the prosecutor's office released interview recordings, eyewitness videos and hundreds of pages of investigatory documents Wednesday.

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Washington state's brand new operating budget was not even hours old Wednesday when it sprung a big hole.

A $2 billion hole.

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A few minutes past the last minute, the Washington Legislature renewed an expiring tax incentive to promote non-polluting plug-in cars.