Oregon Senate Resumes Work After Republican Walkout

Feb 25, 2016

Republicans returned to work Thursday in the Oregon Senate, one day after GOP lawmakers refused to show up for a late-day floor session. The rare walk-out denied majority Democrats the quorum they needed to approve legislation.

There was no mention of Wednesday evening’s brouhaha as Thursday's proceedings began.

The Senate's Republican leader, Ted Ferrioli, said the walk-out was to protest an evening floor session that they said would allow majority Democrats to fast-track their agenda. Democrats said the after-hours session was only scheduled because GOP lawmakers have used a variety of procedural maneuvers this session to stall legislation from moving forward.”

Not all of the measures facing lawmakers are controversial. The first item on Thursday's agenda in the Oregon Senate was a resolution in honor of the Portland Timbers soccer team, which won last year's Major League Soccer championship. It passed 29-0.

Lawmakers have until March 6 to wrap up the session.