Inslee To Trump: 'We Beat You'

Feb 9, 2017

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco Thursday afternoon refused to reinstate President Donald Trump's ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The court left in place a lower-court ruling that suspended the ban and allowed previously barred travelers to enter the U.S.

Washington state launched this challenge to the president's anti-terrorism policy. Since then more than a dozen other states have joined the legal effort.

Democratic Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson exulted at a Seattle news conference.

"Bottom line, this is a complete victory for the state of Washington,” Ferguson said. “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a unanimous decision effectively granted everything we sought.”

President Trump wasted no time in sharing his reaction to the ruling on his favorite online platform, Twitter.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee praised the court’s decision and urged Trump to rethink his executive order on immigration and refugees.

“I just saw a tweet from the president,” Inslee said. “He said ‘see you in court.’ Well, Mr. President we just saw you in court and we beat you. And you ought to think about this because these courts have said this is unconstitutional and it will not stand and we’re hopeful that that happens and if it doesn’t, Washington state is going to continue this fight.”

Many legal analysts are sure this case will eventually end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.