Backers Submit Signatures For Initiative Aimed At Boosting Graduation Rates In Oregon

Jun 23, 2016

Backers of an initiative aimed at boosting Oregon's high school graduation rate submitted a final round of signatures Thursday to the Oregon Secretary of State's office.

The initiative would require the state to invest in dropout-prevention, as well as college and career readiness programs in Oregon high schools.

Toya Fick, one of the chief petitioners, is also the executive director of the education advocacy group Stand for Children Oregon.

"It ensures all of our districts have the tools to make vocational education available to students so they can get hands-on learning experiences and really understand and be prepared for the job market in their communities,” Fick said.

The initiative would require Oregon lawmakers to use state money to fund those programs above and beyond what the legislature already invests in K-12 education.

If enough signatures are deemed valid, the initiative will appear on the November ballot.