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Budget writers at the Oregon Legislature are warning of deep cuts to health care and education. The Democrats in charge of putting together a two-year spending plan released a list of potential cuts Monday.

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With Oregon’s biggest cities in a housing crunch, lawmakers are considering a measure that would require landlords to give specific reasons for evicting a tenant.

Tax Debate Gearing Up In Salem

Feb 13, 2017
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The debate over whether to increase taxes on Oregon businesses is heating up this week at the state Capitol.

Oregon Budget Hearings Kick Off

Feb 10, 2017
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Oregonians will have their chance to weigh in on the state's spending plan during a series of public hearings around the state. The Joint Committee On Ways and Means, the legislature's budget-writing committee, is seeking input on ways to bridge a roughly $1.8 billion shortfall in the upcoming budget cycle.

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A joint House and Senate panel of the Oregon Legislature is getting down to work this month on crafting a massive transportation funding package.

Oregon Lawmakers Take The Oath Of Office

Jan 9, 2017
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Members of the 2017 Oregon Legislature gathered in Salem Monday to take the oath of office. The five-month session kicks off February 1.

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When the 2017 Oregon legislature convenes in January, there will be familiar faces in most of the key leadership posts. Democrats hold a majority in both chambers, which means they can effectively choose who holds the gavel.

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One of the final items Oregon lawmakers approved before closing out their 2016 legislative session Thursday was a measure that would allow cities and counties to require developers to include low-income housing options in new developments.

Oregon Lawmakers Close Out 2013 Session

Jul 8, 2013
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Oregon lawmakers have adjourned their 2013 legislative session. The final gavel fell just before 3 p.m. Monday.

House Speaker Tina Kotek carefully calibrated the final gavel to time it just right with her Senate colleague on the other side of the capitol rotunda. She then said to cheers, "The 77th legislative assembly is hereby adjourned Sine Die."

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Oregon lawmakers had hoped to finish up their legislative session over the weekend. But it didn’t work out that way. Instead, the final gavel is expected to fall sometime Monday.

Democrats control both chambers and the governor’s office, and they claimed a series of victories. But many of the highest-profile agenda items didn’t go as planned.

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