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Oregonians could be getting a kicker when they file their taxes next year. State economists said Tuesday that revenues for the current budget cycle are on track to exceed projections by a wide enough margin to trigger Oregon's unique kicker law.

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Keep your kicker or donate it?

Oregon taxpayers have the chance to donate their kicker rebate to fund state schools as they fill out their tax forms this year. But hardly anyone is choosing to do that. So far this tax season, less than one-half of one percent of Oregonians are choosing to donate their kicker.

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Oregon taxpayers will get a boost on next year’s tax returns from the state’s first kicker rebate since 2007. So what does $402 million look like when you send it back to nearly 2 million taxpayers?

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The state of Oregon is getting ready to send $402 million back to taxpayers. State economists Wednesday announced the first so-called kicker rebate since 2007.

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Oregonians will learn Wednesday whether they will get a tax rebate known as the kicker. The one-of-a-kind law returns money to taxpayers when revenues exceed projections by more than two percent.

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Democratic Representative Tobias Read introduced a bill Thursday that would divert a potential kicker tax rebate.

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Oregon economists told lawmakers Thursday that a robust economy means they'll have more money to spend on schools, human services and public safety.

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Oregon taxpayers could receive an unexpected windfall next year.


An improving Oregon economy could trigger the state's first personal income tax kicker since 2007.

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Oregon's economy is humming along at a good clip, according to the latest outlook released Wednesday by state economists.