Here's The Kicker: Oregonians To Receive A Tax Rebate In 2018

Aug 23, 2017

It's official: Oregon taxpayers will receive a kicker rebate. Nearly $464 million will be sent back to taxpayers when they file their state income taxes next year.

The median kicker for 2017 will be $89, but some upper-income households will receive more than $4,900. 

The kicker is a rebate that happens when state revenues exceed projections by more than two percent.

State economist Mark McMullen said the actual tax revenue was just 2.7 percent above what was forecast two years ago.

"But nevertheless, it's not good enough to be under the two percent threshold,” he said. “So therefore, out goes another kicker in the next tax period."

Oregonians also received a kicker in the 2015 tax year. The kicker amount for any given taxpayer depends on how much they paid in state income taxes last year.