Gregoire Will Propose Education Tax Before Leaving Office

Oct 24, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Both candidates for Washington governor have said “no” to higher taxes. But, outgoing Governor Chris Gregoire says she will propose a new source of funding for public schools before she leaves office in January.

For months Gregoire has been saying the state will have to come up with a new revenue source for schools. This after the Supreme Court ruled Washington is not adequately funding education.

But now, for the first time, Gregoire confirms she will propose a new funding source as one of her last acts as governor.

“I will. I will. I think that’s my duty," the governor says. "It’s on my watch and what the next governor and next legislature does with it I leave to them. But I think it’s my responsibility with as much as I know and as hard I’ve worked over the last three years to look at every conceivable source of money.”

Gregoire says all tax options are on the table. That would include a state capital gains tax.

She says the key is the new revenue source needs to grow because Washington will have to pump nearly an additional $7 billion into public schools through 2019.

Gregoire says any tax increase would likely have to meet voter approval.

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