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Eric Hernandez / Washington Dept. of Corrections

It’s no easy task to find doctors, nurses and other health care professionals to take a job in a prison. The stigma alone is a major barrier. Not to mention concerns about personal safety.

National Telefilm Associates

Portland and Spokane have been trying to prevent people from jumping off the cities' iconic bridges. In the last few weeks, police in both cities have responded to suicides or attempted suicides.

Northwest mental health experts are cautiously optimistic about a new federal grant program. But they call it a modest attempt to improve mental health care in rural areas.

The Business Of Dying: Searching For Place To Die

Dec 6, 2013
Kate McMahon / Northwest News Network

Imagine shopping around for a new home, but instead of looking for a new place to live, you are looking for a place to die. That’s the situation 82-year-old Norma Chaty found herself in.

Slow Start, Mixed Results For Health Care Law In Northwest

Nov 13, 2013
Washington Health Benefit Exchange

The first numbers on enrollment under the new health care law confirm a slow start and mixed results in Northwest states.

US Senate

Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley Wednesday signed on to legislation to allow people to keep their current insurance plans under the new federal health care law.

Wikimedia Commons

Public health officials say recent measles cases in the Northwest highlight the need to be vaccinated against the infection.

Online Hiccups Make Health Care Sign-Ups Go Old School

Oct 31, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

It's hard to find anyone who orders anything by phone or through the mail any more – unless, they're signing up for health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act.

Meet The Woman Who Tells Your Exes They May Have An STD

Oct 24, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Public health officials are trying to stop a series of gonorrhea outbreaks in the Northwest. And they’re offering a service to infected patients: anonymous notification of former sexual partners.

Health officials across the Northwest are trying to figure out why they’re seeing a big upswing in the number of people with gonorrhea this year.