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Austin Jenkins / Northwest News Network

The state employment departments in Oregon and Washington are organizing 'rapid response' teams to help nearly 1,000 grocery workers facing mass layoff.

REC Silicon

Solar company REC Silicon Tuesday warned of big layoffs at a factory in central Washington if a trade dispute between the U.S. and China drags on much longer.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Minimum wage workers in Oregon won't see a pay raise next year. State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian announced Wednesday that Oregon's minimum wage will hold steady for the first time since 2010.

Washington Employment Security Department

The state unemployment rate in Washington and Oregon was falling at a steady pace in recent years. But lately it's stuck.

Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

The state of Oregon is getting ready to send $402 million back to taxpayers. State economists Wednesday announced the first so-called kicker rebate since 2007.
Stuart Seeger / Flickr

The Portland Development Commission this week launched a $3 million fund to invest in startups founded by women and minorities.

Washington Department of Employment Security

The "steady upward climb" in job creation around the Northwest continues this summer.

Group Challenges Public Employee Unions With Lawsuit

Aug 13, 2015
OregonDOT / Flickr

An Olympia-based libertarian group called the Freedom Foundation is laying down stakes in Oregon by filing a lawsuit against the state’s largest public employee union.

Washington State Department of Employment Security

Washington, Idaho and Oregon have all placed in the top ten nationally for job growth over the past year.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries

Wage activists filed a ballot measure in Salem Tuesday that would increase Oregon’s hourly minimum wage to $15 per hour beginning 2017.