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Oregon legislature

Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek said she thinks the state's minimum wage should rise to $13 per hour.

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Oregon lawmakers are advancing a measure that would require many employers to offer paid sick leave.

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Supporters of a proposal to extend paid sick time to most Oregon workers say the legislation has stalled.

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According to numbers out Wednesday, the number of people out of work and looking for jobs is returning to pre-recession levels in the Northwest.

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As Northwest states debate whether to raise the minimum wage as high as $15 per hour, some adults with developmental disabilities continue to be paid as little as 25 cents per hour.

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Oregon economists told lawmakers Thursday that a robust economy means they'll have more money to spend on schools, human services and public safety.

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May Day rallies are taking place Friday in several Northwest cities.

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Convicted criminals in Oregon would not have to disclose their criminal history on job applications under a measure moving through the legislature.

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The Washington state House voted 91-7 Wednesday to exempt junior hockey teams from teen labor laws by expressly classifying the players as non-employees.

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The recovery from the Great Recession has crossed a milestone in Washington state.